Wednesday, June 17, 2009

American sighted hawking on the streets of Lagos

As part of a six moth research project on hawking and street trading in Lagos, Mr. Sean Alsilski from New York decided not to be just another observer and took it upon himself to literally walk the walk and  has been  hawking gala sausage rolls in lagos.

So far he has been attracting large crowds of Lagosians who are curious and amused at the rare sight of a caucasian male hawking food on the streets of lagos.

Mr. Alsilski was earlier reluctant to divulge his true motive for his actions and used excuses like saying he was too busy to talk to anyone as a decoy for the curious inquisitors and continued to sell his gala sausage rolls to motorists who relished the novelty as other observers giggled at the scenario.

But after persistent prompting by a reporter, he finally spilt the beans on his true motives. Here are the quotes from Mr. Alsilski:

“I have been here for five months now, hawking. I have one month to go. I am going to give a presentation to the United States Embassy about my research,”

“Hawkers here are under stress right now from the government and I am studying what the government is doing right now. We can make some recommendations. “Government is harsh on them. Some of them have had their goods taken away. I am not sure that is the best way to go about it. “In some cities, hawkers and traders are given licenses and allowed to go to certain areas to hawk. But hawkers should not be allowed to hawk in places like Oshodi,”

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