Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unplanned pregnancies on the rise among Nigerian young women

Despite improvements in education for Nigerian teenagers and young women, there has been a rise of unplanned pregnancies in that particular demographic in Nigeria.

The study carried out by the Guttmacher Institute based New-York said low use of contraceptives is one of the reasons of this rise in pregnancies among Nigerian teenagers and young women. The institute also adds that the Nigerian government had failed to promote sexual health information for young Nigerians.

Prof. Friday Okonofua who is the the executive director of the Women's Health and Action Research Centre based in Benin, Nigeria and the co-author of the report had this to add:

"We have made progress in encouraging young people to stay in school, but we are failing Nigerian adolescents when it comes to providing them with the information and services they need to delay marriage and avoid unintended pregnancies,"

"Poor knowledge of family planning services leaves young women vulnerable to risks like unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV."

"advancing the sexual and reproductive health of young Nigerian women will require financial commitment from the government, as well as the political will to translate existing policies into real practices."

BBC         Guttmacher

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