Friday, June 5, 2009

CNN's Walter Rogers writes women are the future of Nigeria

I just read a pretty awesome article by former senior international correspondent for CNN Walter Rogers. He gives some mad props to Nigerian women, and I totally agree with him. With ladies like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo out there. I believe the time for Nigerian women to bring back Nigeria to the glory days is nigh!

Here's an excerpt from Walter Rogers Article:

"Such strong trust in women's leadership abilities may already be at play inside Nigeria's political arena. A woman now heads Nigeria's stock exchange. Another is minister of information and communications. Others hold prominent positions in the health and economic sectors.

Political observers point out that most men running for state governor now seek to have a woman on the ticket with them. It is a similar story in neighboring Ghana. And in South Africa, President Jacob Zuma has appointed 14 women as ministers, bringing the gender balance of his cabinet to nearly 50-50."

Check out the full article here , pretty good read!

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