Sunday, June 7, 2009

Madonna looking in Nigeria for new baby

The folks over at Hollyscoop and numerous other sources have reported that Ageing queen of pop Madonna has gotten pretty desperate after her attempt to adopt  four year old Chifundo James from Malawi in April was denied by the justice system of said country.

She has now set her eyes on Nigeria in her insatiable pursuit to adopt more children from 3rd world countries.

Apparently she already has a lady friend doing some reconnaissance work on Naija for her. Lets sit back and watch how this one plays out shall we.


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  1. Unfortunately people who are interested in adopting a Nigerian child must be a resident for at least three months or else the adoption process is very difficult. We'll see if Madonna is able to get around that little loophole
    Likelihood seems slim unless she plans on living in Nigeria. I refuse to believe she will find a way around it.