Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nigerian Box Office from June 5th to 7th,2009.

I guess Nigerians do like their sci-fi after all! Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins aka "TAMINATO" trounced the competition and topped the box-office in its first week of screening with a total gross of $38,929. This is a sharp contrast compared to other sci-fi franchise Star Trek which has had a dismal performance in Nigerian Theatres. Star Trek is currently 9th in the box-office with a total gross of $8,914 in 4 weeks...Ouch!

Angels & Demons holds tight to the number 2 spot with a total gross of $136,944 in its 4th week of screening. The star power of Clive Owen and Julia Roberts seems to have quite the effect on Nigerian audiences with Duplicity coming in at number 3 in its first week of screening and making a total gross of $3,696. Fast and Furious climbs a step up to the number 4 spot with a total gross of $20,751 in its 8th week. And rounding up the top 5 movies in Nigeria for June 5th-7th is Ben Stiller’s Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian which drops from 4th to 5th in the Nigerian box-office with a total gross of $10,917. I’m looking forward to his 419 movie.

They need to build some more screens in Naija so we can start talking millions instead of thousands.

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  1. Nice info Chidi. I wonder how many theaters in Nigeria these box office receipts were collected from. I wish Nollywood would start release their movies in the Nigeria cinemas, that would mean more money for Nollywood, that would hopefully lead to better quality films.

  2. The box office receipts usually come from a total of 6 cinemas in the entire country which is a significantly low number compared to other countries.
    I'm sure if the production value of Nigerian produced movies improve to the point that they can be screened side by side with Hollywood movies. The Nollywood movies will most likely give Hollywood's a run for their money :)