Friday, June 5, 2009

Nigerian authorities shut down Afro Beat Mecca


Femi Kuti’s club “The New Africa Shine” has been shut down by Nigerian Authorities. The club was accused by authorities of “noise nuisance, illegal street trading, indiscriminate parking, blocking of access roads and obstruction of traffic.” This unfortunate incident has come on the eve of Femi Kuti’s tour that’s supposed to start in New York next week.

Femi Kuti (son of African music legend Fela Kuti) and the rest of the Kuti family recently started a campaign that involved plastering posters all over Lagos that carried messages demanding the return of electricity in his impoverished neighbourhood. The Kuti family believe this particular campaign that incited other Lagos denizens to revolt against the government is the reason the authorities have shut down his club.

Fela Kuti’s oldest child Yeni Kuti co-manages the club with Femi Kuti said the Government gave them 48 hours to shut down the club, but closed the club less than 24 hours after the delivery of the letter. She had this to add on the apparent abuse of power by the Nigerian Government:

“I’m shocked, indignant. They dropped the note on Monday evening and the next day at 9:00 a.m. they had closed the place.”

The folks over at The Independent have written a great article on the constant battle and harrowing experiences the Kuti family have gone through for their fight for a better Nigeria. Please check it out here.

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The New Africa Shrine back in business

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  1. I believe this madness will stop one day,this miltary mentality, how can you just shut down even with the notice,is there no civilised way (legal means) of calling them to order if truly its for the above listed reason. Sometimes the Government officials took laws into their hand and the higher authority will not immediately deny them. I belive there is internal control to address this. One should not conclude so quick.