Saturday, June 13, 2009

Minister wants Abuja in the top 20 cities in the world

The minister of the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Senator Mohammed Adammu Aliero is attempting to position the capital as one of the 20 best cities in the world.

The secretary of the Social Development Secretariat of the Federal Capital Territory Authority, Senator Bala Adamu had this to add on the Minister’s objective:

"Immediately he assumed duties it was clear he wanted Abuja re-branded. He came with the vision of making Abuja one of the greatest cities in the world. He wants to make Abuja one of the best 20 capital cities in the world in line with Mr President's Vision 2020 project",

Gotta commend his spirit and enthusiasm. Check allAfrica for more details on this delusion of grandeur.


  1. Imagine our minister boasting that Abuja will be among the 20 best cities of the world.I think he must have been goofing.Ask him how many building approval have been approved by FCDA since he became a minister.I sent in building approval since May 2010 for a madnificient office block of my company (OK Williams Technical Equipment Limited) but up till now,they have been turning us down with many frivous reasons best known to them upon the fact that the building drawing and other related documents was obtained through their office.

  2. Fashi even building approval, how can a city that can't sustain 24/7 electricity even imagine being one of the 20 best cities in the world.... ridiculous!