Monday, August 10, 2009

50 Year Old Man Beheads His Wife

Mr. Sunday Umorea was arrested by police in Edo, Nigeria for beheading his wife. The 50 year old suspect confessed that he beheaded his wife after she received a phone call from her alleged lover and said she was going out to see him that night.

Mr. Umorea said he decided to kill his 46 year old wife and mother of four when his attempts to persuade her not to go out to meet her alleged lover failed.

It's been reported that the couple, said to have been married for sixteen years, had a heated quarrel before the incident and all efforts made by neighbours to bring peace that night failed.

Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Peter Ogboi released this statement:

"The suspect confessed to us that he killed the wife out of provocation because she wanted to go out that night to see her lover who called her. That was what he told the police but you know that the woman is no longer alive to say her own story. But we are still investigating and after we will charge him to court".


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