Thursday, August 27, 2009

Son of newly appointed Nigerian Ambassador to the US charged with rape

Adedamola Adeniran and two other Nigerian men living in Baltimore County, Maryland have been charged with gang-raping three women in the city of Baltimore.

According to Maryland police on July 27th, two women accepted a ride from two men near North Calvert and West Fayette streets in Downtown Baltimore. Police say the men then threatened the women with a knife and drove them to a parking lot at Seton keough High School in Southwest Baltimore. The two men and a third man who arrived later proceeded to rape the women at the parking lot according to police.

The three men, 19 year old Adedamola Adeniran, 19 year old Anthony Edoror, and 20 year old Opeyemi Adigun have been charged with rape.

An identical attack happened on August 18 and the victim this time was able to identify the licence plate of the car to the police. This helped Maryland police find one of the suspects who identified the other two. The three men also face charges that include false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit rape. They face spending the rest of their lives in prison if convicted. No sense of diplomatic immunity will apply to Adedamola Adeniran because his father has yet to be cleared for the position by the US.

The newly appointed Ambassador also faces another particular issue that the US government would like clarified. Sahara Reporters were told by State Department officials that Professor Adeniran has two wives in the US bearing his name. They said this will have to be sorted out before the appointed ambassador can assume responsibilities.

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  1. the father does not have to pay for his son's sins. who knows maybe the second wife jazzed him, Nigerian women can be so desperate.

  2. It's not anybody's fault, the father nor the mother. Its the friends you associate yourself with. And to say the boy has not even been proven guilty. He might be innocent. Lets wait and see what happens. And for you adedoyin, what kind of talk is that, you should use your brain before you start spitting shit out of your mouth. What's the meaning of jazzed, damn you so ignorant and an illiterate.

  3. This is adding more damage to Nigeria's image in the U.S. The Nigerian president should please appoint another ambassador to represent his country.

  4. this isn't the first thing he has done. he has a felony left charge in Baltimore, MD for stealing money and credit cards

  5. E think say na nNaija e dey?

  6. Your Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, with utmost respect I urge that you rake whatever else is left of Nigeria's image and revert your nomination of this unscrupulous kid's father as Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You will be sending a very potent positive message to, not just the United States of America, but the international community, by taking that action. There are also pending issues with his dad's eligibility to serve as ambassador in the United States of America, with the alleged offense of bigamy, which I remember Nigeria has, only in her Criminal Code, and merely superficially respects in wanton breach, than in observance. This is the United States of America, not Nigeria, where everything goes and it is high time sensible and responsible leadership and discipline by the power of the law is brought to bear at every level in that great country with enormous potentials. There's a whole lot of work to be done one day at a time and I believe Nigeria, though can not be perfect due to her laboring under the onslaught of the slaps of unseen forces, CAN be restored to its days of yore in the 70's and early 80's when the currency of Nigeria, the land of my birth, was higher than the US dollar and a round trip flight ticket from Nigeria to London was less than 500 naira! Now Nigerians, deservedly, have to squeeze water from rocks to see if they qualify for a British visa, and this is in spite of the fact that Nigeria was colonized by the Brits! It's high time some self-scrutiny be done.