Thursday, August 13, 2009

American doctor Kidnapped in Nigeria sympathizes with his abductors

Dr. Robert Whittaker, a 62 year old missionary doctor serving in Nigeria was held hostage for two days and was later released after an undisclosed amount of ransom money was paid to his abductors.

He is currently recovering from a gun shot wound to his arm at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre. He was shot on August 2nd at his southeastern Nigerian home as he was taken by three or four young men.

Dr. Whittaker said to his knowledge, no one has been arrested.

Here are some statements Dr. Whittaker made in a telephone call to his hospital room:

"I pray from them, they said there were no jobs, and they needed money by any means."

Dr. Whittaker said he was not mistreated, nor was he blindfolded:

"Amazingly, it went quite well. They were talkative. One of them said he went to church."

According to Dr. Whittaker, he was dropped off on a road, and the young men that kidnapped him told his supporters where he could be found.

"These boys had just lost touch," Dr. Whittaker said.

Dr. Whittaker said he will ponder his future as he recovers from the gun shot wound in his upper left arm.

"I'm a lifelong missionary, I have good friends and counselors here. We'll have to sit down and talk.

"My prayer is God would show me when it was time to leave. In a way, this may be a message.

"But I am committed to serve. There will be a lot of chatting in the next few weeks. You don't want to turn your back on the community you work with." Dr. Whittaker said.

Dr. Robert Whittaker worked at the Nigerian Christian Hospital, operated by the Searcy, Arkansas-based International Health Care Foundation.

Dr. Whittaker said the young men that kidnapped him felt apologetic that he was shot.

"They said it was unintentional."

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