Thursday, August 20, 2009

Firm plans to use Solar Power to Light up Nigeria

A leading Pan-African technology service called Private Networks Nigeria Limited (PNN) has announced plans and ability to provide 100% visibility in Nigeria through the use of solar powered lights that will help solve the electricity crisis currently in Nigeria.

PNN Head of Business Development Uche Anajemba said at a news conference this past Monday that her company's decision to power the country through solar powered lights was spurred by non availability of constant electricity supply in most parts of Nigeria where business activities grind to a halt during the day and also makes it hard for citizens to move around at night.

According to Uche Anajemba this is the reason PNN has been involved in the development of solar power as a cheaper, more cost effective, reliable and durable alternative for the provision of street lights:

"Due to the non-availability of constant power supply for street lights and continue failings of various alternative street lighting products being deployed across Nigeria, PNN spent over 2 years in the research and development of a solar powered lighting technology that is cost effective, reliable and durable for keeping our streets lit at all times. We are lighting up Nigeria by deploying our unique solar street light to various places to ensure all our streets are well lit 100% of the time." She said.

Uche Anajemba said "solar powered street lights are a very good example of what can be done with solar energy as they present the perfect and cost-effective solution for metropolitan, urban and residential streets, car parking lots, security lights, and other general area lighting applications. PNN Solar street lighting solution can be economically viable and efficient in a number of applications, especially in areas where the cost of providing electricity is expensive or problematic".

Daily Trust

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  1. This is such a good news. I feel sorry to hear that Nigeria is having problem with power source, it just doesn't seem right. Well, I'm glad PNN's solar power light will bright up a bit of this country.

  2. Well let's all hope this actually happens!