Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pete Edochie shares his experience of being kidnapped

Nollywood star Pete Edochie was released by his abductors yesterday after he was kidnapped on Sunday. He said "no one should pray to have that type of experience."

Pete Edochie said he did not pay his abductors anything to be freed and did not lose anything either, not even his mobile phone. He did not know where he was taken or where he was dropped off by his abductors:

"All I know is that I was able to pick a cab that took me to a hotel in Awka."They told me they had no business kidnapping me at all. They did not manhandle me. They did not blindfold me, they did not gag me. They did not hack me. They did not tie me as they said I was their father.

"And somehow they knew a lot about me that I am good to people and that I assist people, particularly, the down-trodden. They did not hide their faces and discussed freely with me.

"They bought me some drinks, made sure I did not 'get alchoholically dry'. You know as an individual, if you find yourself in a situation like that under siege, you complicate your situation if you experience internal alcoholic drought. But I was praying in my heart.

"So, by the grace of God they lubricated my system and at the same time encouraged me to feel the pulse of their heart.

Pete Edochie said crime would be reasonably checked if the government could set up facilities to take care of unemployed youths like in developed countries. He noted that his kidnappers were young graduates who were unemployed and were looking for any means to survive.

Daily Trust

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  1. Mr Edochie you've been a mentor to the youth of South Africa especially myself your biggest fan. i love all your movies when your a Igwe . i always wish to visit the vilage where you always act and see how the village looks like .i want u to know that you are the best actor and deserve to know that South Africans will always support your nigerian movies.God bless u now i beg i beg i beg now .Gloria is your biggest fan . keep it up all the good work.