Friday, August 14, 2009

Boko Haram Declare Total Jihad in Nigeria

The Islamic group Boko Haram released a statement in which the group threaten to Islamise the whole of Nigeria. In what seems to be a declaration of war on Nigeria, Boko Haram threaten to unleash terror in the Southern Nigeria this August, beginning with the bombing of Lagos, Ibadan, and Enugu.

Here is the statement by Boko Haram as reproduced by Vanguard:


For the first time since the Killing of Mallam Mohammed Yusuf, our leader, we hereby make the following statements.

1) That we have started a Jihad in Nigeria which no force on earth can stop. The aim is to Islamise Nigeria and ensure the rule of the majority Muslims in the country. We will teach Nigeria a lesson, a very bitter one.

2) That from the Month of August, we shall carry out series of bombing in Southern and Northern Nigerian cities, beginning with Lagos, Ibadan, Enugu and Port Harcourt. The bombing will not stop until Sharia and Western Civilisation is wiped off from Nigeria. We will not stop until these evil cities are tuned into ashes.

3) That we shall make the country ungovernable, kill and eliminate irresponsible political leaders of all leanings, hunt and gun down those who oppose the rule of Sharia in Nigeria and ensure that the infidel does not go unpunished.

4) We promise the West and Southern Nigeria, a horrible pastime. We shall focus on these areas which is the devil empire and has been the one encouraging and sponsoring Western Civilisation into the shores of Nigeria.

5) We call on all Northerners in the Islamic States to quit the follower ship of the wicked political parties leading the country, the corrupt, irresponsible, criminal, murderous political leadership, and join the struggle for Islamic Society that will be corruption free, Sodom free, where security will be guaranteed and there will be peace under Islam.

6) That very soon, we shall stir Lagos, the evil city and Nigeria's South West and South East, in a way no one has ever done before. Al Hakubarah


Mallam Sanni Umaru

Acting Leader Boko Haram

Signed: August 09, 2009


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  1. I am against Boko Haram, and I suspect that the majority of Nigerians will agree and snuff them out.