Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nigerian beheaded in Saudi Arabia

The execution of Nigerian, Qorbi bin Mussa Adam, in Saudi Arabia has sparked serious concern with Amnesty International. According to the organization, an alarming number of foreign nationals have been executed in Saudi Arabia recently.

Qorbi bin Mussa Adam allegedly murdered a Saudi national. He was the second Nigerian to be executed in Saudi Arabia this year after another Nigerian, Jamil 'Abbas Shu'ayb, who was beheaded in May. Saudi Arabian authorities have disclosed very little information about the trial of both cases.

Another Nigerian, Suliman Olufemi was sentenced to death in 2004 and awaits execution. Olufemi's trial was held in secret and conducted in Arabic which he does not understand. He had no legal representation or any legal assistance and it is feared that he was tortured in pre-trial detention in order to force him to confess.

Qorbi bin Mussa Adam was the 51st person to be executed in Saudi Arabia this year alone, according to monitoring conducted by Amnesty International. Out of the 51 people executed in Saudi Arabia this year, 36 were Saudi Arabians and 15 were foreign nationals.

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