Monday, August 31, 2009

52 Nigerians on Death Row in Foreign Countries

According to the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 52 Nigerians are currently on death row in different countries around the world. 

Mr. Ayo Olukanni, spokesman for the ministry said that 3,132 were serving various terms of imprisonment, 1,640 were in detention, and 3,719 others were to be deported, and about 5,145 Nigerians abroad, mostly girls, are victims of human trafficking.

The list of offences committed by these Nigerians abroad include: drug trafficking, armed robbery, credit card scam, formation of cartels, membership of secret cults, human trafficking and prostitution.

"The overwhelming nature of the problem, in addition to other diplomatic responsibilities, has put a lot of pressure on the Nigerian missions. The activities of these Nigerians are irritating to some countries," he said.

Mr. Olukanni said the involvement of some Nigerians in such shady activities continues to have a negative impact on the country's image.

"Avoid by all means the use of fake passports, visas and other documents, shun criminal activities and respect the laws and regulations of host countries," Olukanni added.

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