Monday, July 6, 2009

Nigerian Militants blow up Chevron facility and attack Shell oil well head over the weekend

Over the weekend the movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) blew up a Chevron oil facility in Nigeria which controls about 80% of the company's off shore crude oil and also attacked a Shell oil well head.

On Sunday, a spokesman for MEND released this statement:

"The strategic Okan manifold which controls about 80 percent of Chevron Nigeria limited off shore crude oil to its BOP Crude Loading Platform was blown up at about 2045 Hrs on Sunday, June 5 2009 by Hurricane Moses in Delta state".

"As long as the Nigerian government and military JTF has chosen to carry out kidnappings and arson against innocent communities and individuals, Moses will fight for them".

"Government should display the highest form of integrity and sincerity over the detention of Henry Okah at this period of his fading health".

"Our fighting force has been boosted by volunteers made up men and women from all tribes and beyond".

"It is very encouraging to see the people break away from the status quo and we call on every Niger-Delta to make a sacrifice, as we head towards the promised land".

Shell facilities in the Niger Delta were also victims to MEND attacks this past weekend. Militants attacked a well head owned by Shell in the Cawthorne Channel around Bonny in Rivers state. These attacks on Chevron and Shell come two weeks after the President of Nigeria Umaru Musa Yar'Adua offered an amnesty deal in which the Militants declined.

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  1. That picture is like the Nigerian version of "Predator"

  2. Lol...true word right there. The predator probably has his camo on in the background.
    First time I saw it though, I thought he was a cross between Rambo and a Ninja!
    The MEND folks are out of control!

  3. Burn baby burn..........ohhhhh yeaaaaaaaaa. I'm cummmmmmingggggggg