Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nigerian lottery winner gives entire cash prize to beggar

46 year old Rosemary Obiakor from Lagos,Nigeria, won more than 3 million naira ($20,110) in the National lottery. During the television broadcast of the cheque presentation, Rosemary revealed what she planned to do with all the money.

"I have heard a lot of stories about how people win the lottery, and they get broke in the short run and come across a lot of misfortune. I am scared, and so I'll give it to a lucky beggar on the street," she said.

Rosemary kept to her word and did exactly what she said. After collecting her cheque, she cashed the entire thing and gave it to a female beggar that was on the street with her two-year old baby.

The beggar thanked Rosemary for the once in a lifetime offering and instantly turned into a business woman by promising her benefactor that she will open a food retail business with the money as soon she can. As the beggar entrepreneur was leaving with her fortune, she shared some of her new found wealth with other beggars on the street.

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  1. i cant believe it. so wonderful!

  2. Yeah, Naija folks like that don't come around too often!

  3. One day I got a surprising message from the UK National Lottery. The message told me that I had won 500,000 pounds sterling. (Which was about 1 million Canadian dollars!) I had a feeling it was fake but I wasn’t sure. Even though it sounded too good to be true, the message still seemed real. There were real sponsors, such as Microsoft, IBM and other well-known companies mentioned in the message. I thought, “Since those companies sell computers, they must get lots of money.” The sponsors are where they get their money for the prize.

  4. Is this for real?

  5. It sure is Tom. Stuff was all over the news when it happened!

  6. I was also very curious to know about the winner of National lottery and this is great to get this here. I think the amount of that lotto was not so much but then also it is sufficient for player.