Monday, July 27, 2009

Marlon Jackson visits Nigeria

Marlon Jackson arrived Nigeria last Wednesday. The brother of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson is in Nigeria to work on various creative projects to help bring peace to the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. A peace foundation is being set-up by the Jackson family to tackle the crisis in the Niger Delta according to Marlon Jackson:

"We are setting up Michael Jackson Peace Foundation to tackle the crisis in the Niger Delta. We are going to look at the various options available to achieve peace in the region. Michael loved people, he loved peace and we will try everything to achieve that."

"I want leaders and various groups to love one another. We all want a peaceful environment globally. We must spread love and give peace a chance and understand one another. I tell you this will bring solution to the world."

He is also in Nigeria to endorse and approve a Michael Jackson Memorial Concert coordinated by Mr. Bolaji Rosiji's Guranga Foundation and Alhaji Teju Kareem's Zmirage/ZMC.

This is Marlon Jackson's second visit to Nigeria. He visited Nigeria last May to work on the Motherland Beckons Project that's planned to make Africa a Mecca and haven for tourists. He said the Jacksons will be performing in a concert in Nigeria in the near future.

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