Friday, July 31, 2009

The Iloba Family Lose Appeal to stay in Britain

After weeks of fighting to stay in Britain. The Iloba family have lost the appeal submitted to British Immigration authorities by Rochdale's MP, Paul Rowen, and now face deportation back to Nigeria.

The Home Office immigration minister Phil Woolas told MP Paul Rowen that "the circumstances for the case are not sufficiently compelling or compassionate as to warrant the exercise of my discretion in their favour"

The Iloba family now face persecution back in Nigeria where their father was murdered in a politically motivated killing.

MP Paul Rowen released this statement:

"This is a sad end to a case that we have fought so hard for."

"The Iloba Family have made a significant impact and touched many lives and I am saddened that their positive contribution to Greater Manchester has been ignored. This case is about the Government attempting to sound tough on immigration and any compassion has gone out of the window. Their friends, teachers and fellow church goers will be devastated."

Rochdale Online

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