Thursday, July 9, 2009

Britain plans to build £1m Jail in Nigeria for Nigerian criminals serving sentences in Britain

Due to the harsh and deplorable conditions of Nigerian prisons. Nigerian prisoners in the UK are capable of opposing deportation on the grounds of human rights violation. So the British government have come up with the crafty idea of using British taxpayers money to build a £1million comfy jail back in Nigeria for the 400 Nigerian inmates currently serving prison terms in Britain.

The Chief executive of the UK Border Agency, Lin Homer, said the deal would save money for taxpayers because the UK would not have to pay the £30,000 to keep Nigerian inmates in British jails. Here are some statements from the chief:

"We are in negotiations with Nigeria to help them establish better prison conditions."

"It's about helping them generate a structure that can cope with the prisoners. It would be well worth the money to do so."

Matthew Elliot from the TaxPayers' Alliance totally opposes the idea. "It's an absolute scandal that British taxpayers may foot the bill for a Nigerian prison.

"The Government should not even entertain this nonsense proposal, particularly at a time when our own prison service is so desperately in need of funds.

"If Nigerians are here illegally and are going to be deported, we should be sending them home immediately."

Daily Mail

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