Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training school belonging to Islamic radical group Boko Haram found in Taraba, Nigeria

The school known as Alfuqran Islamic School was revealed to be right behind the Motor Traffic Division of the Nigerian police force in Taraba, Nigeria. The owner, who's been identified as just Salihu, closed down the school on Saturday and relocated to Maiduguri with his immediate family.

Chairman of the state chapter of Muslim Council, Alhaji Inuwa Jauro Manu, said some of their children attended the school but were withdrawn after learning about their curriculum. Alhaji Manu said some of the children told them they were instructed not to eat Maggi and any other western product.

Alhaji Manu denounced the school because its teachings were against Islam. He advised the government to always investigate school proprietors before giving them license to operate and also called on Muslim parents to ensure that they know who is teaching their children.

Alhaji Manu blames security forces in the country for allowing radical groups like Boko Haram to grow unchecked.

The Commissioner of Education, Mr. Anthony Ada, disclosed that the school was operating illegally, as it was not registered by the ministry.

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