Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Nigerian drug traffickers excrete 160 wraps of Cocaine while in custody

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) arrested two suspected drug traffickers at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, Nigeria.

A drug test on the suspects carried out by NDLEA agents came out positive, but the suspects shocked the agents by insistently refuting the results of the test. One of the suspects, Emmanuel Nwada Izuchukwu, threatened to commit suicide at the departure hall of the aiport, claiming that NDLEA agents accused him wrongly.

Both suspects were held by NDLEA agents for several hours as part of the process used on suspected drug traffickers that usually results in suspects excreting the illegal drugs they harbor.  To the surprise of the Airport Commander of the agency, Alhaji Hamisu Lawal, the suspects did not expel the illegal substances as soon as expected but the Commander ordered a continuous test and observation on the suspects.

After 48 hours, the first suspect to crack was 48 year old Systems Engineer, Uche Manifesto, who was arrested during screening of passengers of a British Airways flight to London. The father of two who  insistently maintained he was wrongly accused and detained by NDLEA agents finally began excreting wraps of cocaine on the second day in detention. The total count of cocaine wraps he excreted came to 100 wraps weighing 1.6kg. He confessed that the ingestion was a special one and said he was promised 6,000 pound sterling if he succeeded.

The second suspect, a 26 year old trader, Emmanuel Nwada Izuchukwu was arrested on an Ethiopian Airways flight to Dubai. Shortly after Uche Manifesto's excretion, Emmanuel excreted 60 wraps of cocaine weighing 850grams. He was expected to make 3,000 pound sterling if he was successful in trafficking the illegal drugs.

When asked why he kept on refuting the accusations NDLEA agents made, this is what Emmanuel said: 

"I felt bad when I was arrested. I did not know what to do. It was like my world has ended."

Chairman of the NDLEA Ahmadu Giade commended his agents for a job well done and released this statement:

"We are not moved by academic qualification, composure and accent of drug suspects. They are diversionary tactics that we will not succumb to."


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