Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nigerian militants to get N65,000 ($437.54) on a monthly basis from amnesty deal

In addition to the 60-day ceasefire that has so far suspended militant attacks on oil production installations. About 10,000 militants could be getting N65,000 ($437.54) on a monthly basis.

According to the chief coordinator of the Amnesty Implementation Committee, Air Vice Marshal Lucky Ararile, the federal government has budgeted N200 million ($1.346 million) to feed 10,000 militants that will turn up to lay down their weapons at 50 to 60 camps dispersed across the Niger Delta.

The chief made these statements:

"We are working on about 10,000 militants. Each militant will receive an allowance of N20,000 ($134.63) per month in addition to N1,500 ($10.10) per day for food while at a reintegration centre, translating to N65,000 ($437.54) a month.

"Disarmament and demobilisation part of the programme will last 60 days. Thereafter, the reintegration programme is indeterminate."

Ararile said some militants have already surrendered their arms but declined to give a specific figure.

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