Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Forensics show that Stella Obasanjo's death was avoidable

The death of former first lady, Stella Obasanjo was avoidable with suitable treatment administered during the liposuction operation that lead to her death as declared by a Spanish forensic scientist during the criminal prosecution case being deliberated in Spain.

The physician noted that Stella Obasanjo had perforations in her liver and abdomen and the quantity of liquids given to her after an intervention was "insufficient", she also had symptoms of shock.

According to the expert, the evidence of shock could have been detected "hours earlier" and with a blood test and an ultrasound scan it would have been possible for the doctor to detect the symptoms of a shock. The accused doctor could have detected the complications approximately 10 hours before her death.

The accused is a plastic surgeon from a Molding Clinic in Marbella, Spain. He is charged with the 2005 death of Mrs. Obasanjo and faces two years in prison and a five year ban from practicing if found guilty.


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  1. Well, RIP Stella but this is what happens when people are dying in your country but you have the money to go to Spain for a lipo. Nothing's hidden under the sun. Obasanjo, you're next!