Monday, July 20, 2009

Deportation case of Nigerian family in Britain currently being reviewed

The immigration authorities in Britain previously dismissed a campaign started by Rochdale MP Paul Rowen and Manchester Blackley MP Graham Stringer to keep the Nigerian family in Britain. But have now agreed to review the case after mounted pressure from the public and media.

A bail hearing will decide whether the family can go back to Rochdale while the case is being reviewed. Usually a cash guarantee must be offered, so a fundraiser has been started by friends and supporters for the Iloba family currently in detention at Yarl's Wood detention centre pictured above. Teachers and pupils from North Manchester High School have so far donated hundreds of pounds to prevent the deportation of Saskia Iloba and her family.

It's been reported that crucial documents to support the claim that Mr. Iloba was murdered, including a copy of his death certificate and a DVD of his funeral had been sent to immigration authorities in Britain but were never acknowledged.

Rochdale MP Paul Rowen said he was urgently seeking confirmation that the items were received.

Rochdale Online News  managed to meet with the family currently at the Yarl's Wood detention centre. Saskia Iloba shared her harrowing experience with Rochdale Online News:

In an exclusive interview with Rochdale Online News yesterday (Saturday 19 July), the family spoke of the moment 13 officers in bullet proof vests burst into their Falinge home and arrested them on 6 July, before trying to force them on a plane to Nigeria.

Saskia, 17, was naked in her bedroom when officers came in and told her she had 20 minutes to gather all her belongings.

She said: “I froze in shock, sort of waiting for them to say sorry and leave the room.

“But they didn’t, they stood there and watched me get dressed. I was horrified and really scared.

“I felt like I had done something really terrible, like I’d murdered someone or something.”

The former Head Girl at North Manchester High School looked away as she fought tears, before adding: “We have never hurt anyone, and we are being kept here like animals.

“This place is hell on Earth; we are sleeping on thin mattresses and eating the worst food I have ever tasted."

She continued: “It’s like they’re trying to break us; trying to make us give in and go to Nigeria, but we are trying to keep each other strong.

"I have started to lose my hair with the stress. That hasn't happened since my dad died."

For more on the interview with Rochdale Online News please click here

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