Saturday, May 9, 2009

Action Congress accuses Government of Deceit over Fuel Scarcity

The Nigerian government under head of state President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua has been accused by the Action Congress of Nigeria of "engaging in governance by deceit over the cause of the current fuel scarcity across the country."

Lai Mohammed who is the National Publicity Secretary for the Action Congress made these following statements "Lies, it is clear that the government itself helped to set the stage for the fuel crisis as a prelude to increasing fuel prices under an ill-advised deregulation policy."

Further statements made by the party are "This fuel crisis, which has further worsened the plight of Nigerians, started almost immediately the government flew its deregulation kite, which indeed is a euphemism for raising fuel prices. Unfortunately, instead of leveling with Nigerians, the government has shifted all the blame to oil marketers who had refused to import at the level they were doing before. Alas, it is not just the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that is Papa Deceiving Pikin. This government, sired by the PDP, is also deceiving its citizens."

Mohammed lastly added: "Nigerians are sadly back to the better-forgotten-days of fuel scarcity, which can only further impoverish a people who have had to generate their own power, provide their own portable water, build their own roads, ensure the security of their lives and property and generally fend for themselves in the absence of responsible governance."

For a country that's one of the top producers of the most valuable commodity in the industrial world. It's a pretty sorry state of affairs. I remember how Obasanjo tried to break it down a few months ago in this video interview with the BBC by explaining how the Nigerian population is extremely higher than other oil rich prospering countries like Saudi Arabia. So that makes it okay for people in Nigeria to be queuing up for days just to fill up their tanks?

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