Friday, May 22, 2009

Nuhu Ribadu Testifies before U.S. Financial Services Committee

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Former Chairman of Nigeria's Economic Crimes Commission (EFCC) who was fired in 2008 for apparently doing his job too well, as he exposed and charged high profile Nigerian bankers, politicians, former ministers for corruption and money laundering. Ribadu recently testified before the U.S. Financial Services Committee, watch the video up top to hear what he had to say.

Here's also an awesome statement by Ribadu  taken from an interview he did with The Guardian earlier in the year:

“If you fight corruption, it fights back. If you go after petty corruption nothing will happen to you, But if you go after grand corruption, you’d be taking on the politicians and they have the money. And they will come after you, But you can choose to go to bed with them and you’d continue to be Chairman or Director, and you can go to conferences and enjoy tea and collect estacodes. But I made a choice, I decided to go after the big ones, even if they were the ones that put me there, I investigated President Obasanjo, I took his statement myself. I went after his daughter, a Senator, I went after Governors, I charged all of them to court. One of them offered me $500, 000 US and a house in Seychelles and an aircraft, but I rejected all of that. By the time I left EFCC, I had 275 convictions in a country that never had one on cases of grand corruption, I charged the Vice President to court - somebody from my village. I proved that it can be done.”

If Dr. Okonjo runs for office, Ribadu should be her Vice President!

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