Saturday, May 23, 2009

Naija drug trafficker excretes N13m worth of Cocaine

These guys no dey hear word!!! After the recent execution of a Nigerian drug dealer in China. A Mr. Nweke Chibueze took it upon himself to ingest 82 wraps of cocaine weighing about 1.4 Kilogrammes.

He could have made some serious cashmoney seeing that 1.4 K of cocaine on Naija streets is valued at about N13 million, which according to Wolframalpha is equivalent to $87,373 US. Not bad I say...not bad at all at all!

But the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) weren't having any of such shenanigans and arrested Nweke at Murtala Muhammed airport during a screening of passengers. During his detainment, Mr. Nweke Chibueze literally could not hold his shit and proceeded to excrete under observation of NDLEA agents, and thus revealing his dirty little secret.



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  1. 1.4kg of cocaine is not worth N13m in Nigeria.It is far far less than that