Sunday, May 31, 2009

P-Square landlord misbehaving

A Landlord named Chief Charles Nwangwan seems to be giving the famous Nigerian musical duo a tough time with his duplex that P-Square reside in with their  brother/Manager Jude Okoye. The Landlord is trying to evict P-Square from the house located in Omole Estate,Ikeja, Lagos because according to him P-Square breached their contractual agreement by converting the boys' quarters of the crib into a music studio.

Plus the vexed landlord said that Jude Okoye doesn't let him see P-Square, who are the ones that actually paid for the rent of the crib with N.1.7 million for 3 years.

Jude Okoye recently spoke about the issue with the landlord and Jude said the Landlord visits whenever he likes without notice and that he took offence when P-Square did not greet him or entertain him with his preferred wine of choice. Okoye then insisted that he is entitled to privacy even if the house is rented.

P-Square have been given 2 weeks to move out of the house in which the lease they paid for does not expire until 2010. Well I'm sure if the landlord persists in his mean spirited actions the successful music group can easily find another house to live and practice their music in peace!

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