Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nigerian priest kidnaps woman and demands N4m ransom

It’s getting so bad these days that even a man of the cloth has gotten into the kidnapping business. The catholic priest was arrested by the Nsukka Divisional Police in Nigeria and transferred to the state Anti-robbery squad for further confession investigation. It’s reported that Chief Reminus Okenyi, the husband of the woman kidnapped contacted the police when he noticed his wife’s car unattended to with her cell phone and bag still in the car. He then received a call from a person asking if he had any problem with the priest (priest name withheld) then demanded N4 million ($27,080) for the release of his wife. After promising the caller that he’ll get the money, the good Chief did the right thing and contacted the police instead. After two days of searching for the priest. He was finally arrested when he stopped by the police station to drop a petition for the Inspector-General of Police. The police were able to get a confession from the priest (the irony) to the crime and he also provided information that led to the safe rescue of the kidnapped woman.


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