Saturday, May 2, 2009

Update on how Canadian Julie Ann Mulligan was released

A contact in Kaduna, Nigeria who we'll call Chaj for security reasons has provided some insight on how Julie Ann Mulligan was released by her Kidnappers. This is what Chaj had to say:

"Dear all,

I'm a Kaduna-based Rotarian who is conversant with the facts, having been present at the SSS office on the day she was released to officials of the Canadian High Commission.

She wasn't "let go", so to speak.

SSS officials apprehended Christain Ogwuzo at the point of collecting the ransom. But the driver of the car he came in managed to get away, and apparently informed the member of their gang who was on a dirt road about 2 kilometres away, waiting for signal to release the lady upon collecting the ransom(as negotiated by an SSS lady posing as a Rotarian).

He was apparently informed by the boltaway guy that the operation had flopped, so he abandoned her there. She was found by some okada riders, loitering on the road, and taken to the local village head who in turn handed her to the nearby police post. She was taken to the police headquarters where the now arrested kidnappers and the landlord of the house she was kept had also be taken to.

That explains the little controversy between the police and SSS over who takes glory for the success of the operation.

She was able to identify the kidnappers, though some are still on the run.

We thank God no harm befell her; and that they were caught. Success in this, would have embolded them and other criminals to go into this "business" full-time in Kaduna. And you can bet children will be their targets.

All is well that ends well.Smiley"

Thanks Chaj, and hopefully this will deter incidents like this from happening again. Here is the link for the previous article on this story.


  1. I'm happy it ended well. Nice blog you got here man.

  2. Hi "Chaj",
    I am researching a documentary series with Cirrus Communications in Montreal Canada, and we are working with Julie Mulligan to tell the story of her kidnapping. Obviously Julie has little knowledge of the negotiations or operation that went into securing her freedom, in fact she has never been contacted, despite repeated efforts on her part, to identify the men accused of her kidnapping. You seem to have some detailed information about what happened, and I would very much like to speak with you about this. I understand your need for confidentiality, and will be happy to communicate with you however you feel most comfortable.
    My email is
    Phone 1.514.817.5668
    Skype "maggstopheles" David Maggs
    Hope to hear from you!