Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nigeria's approach to the Swine Flu

Omo, I honestly feel this whole swine flu business is another ploy by the media and probably even pharmaceutical companies to create unnecessary hype. And even so, Naija folks blood dey strong well well. If people in Naija can chest Malaria like no mans business, then this swine flu should be nothing to be paranoid about.

Despite Naija folks Wolverine like immunity and regeneration capability, the Nigerian government has been busy taking necessary precautions. It's reported that the Nigerian government has ordered 2 million doses of Tamiflu (Tami kini??) which is a Swiss-manufactured drug used to treat human cases of bird and swine flu.

Mr. Niyi Ojuolape who is a spokesman for the Nigerian Health Ministry had this to add "The federal government has begun the process of emergency procurement of additional doses and stockpile in case we have human cases"

Imagine such shenanigans, when not a single case of the AH1N1 strain of the virus that causes swine flu has  yet to be reported in the whole of Africa. Someone has gone and carried money to buy 2 million doses of medication that we probably won't need. See contract, people are just going to end up chopping money as usual when they won't go and fix NEPA!


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  1. Are you suggesting we act only after an infection is detected? Jesus wept, where is the logic in that? Let us for once appreciate what the government is doing, it is a pre-emptive move and a step in the right direction.
    I suggest you do some research before making post that suggest you may be a little bit unaware.