Monday, May 4, 2009

Obafemi Martins possibly returning to Inter Milan

Magpie hero Obafemi Martins might be leaving the Newcastle Faithful and returning back to SERIA A side Inter Milan if Newcastle United are relegated.

It was reported yesterday that Inter were planning a bid for Marrins, who was a top striker for the club around 3 seasons ago. Obafemi Martins shared with reporters that he now switches his TV off because it makes him "sad" when he watches the predicament that Newcastle is in. He's been compelled to ditch his confessed addiction to Sky Sports and focus on making sure the Toon Army don't see their beloved club booted out of premiership football. 

Martins had this to add about Sky Sports and the status of Newcastle United.

"I don't look at Sky Sports right now. I used to enjoy it to see how other teams got on. But I just want to focus on Newcastle United right now," he told the Newcastle Chronicle. "

"Only our results count at the moment. If we are doing well it is fun to spend time watching other teams. I look at everything, but at the moment we don't need to. If I tried doing it now it would just make me sad."

I've been a Newcastle supporter since the early 90's, and seeing the club in such a deplorable state shivers my timbers. Under Newcastle Legend Alan Shearer my club hasn't been able to score more than one goal. Mike Ashley's intention I guess were in the right place, but after letting Keegan go, the club has been in a downward spiral. I dey lose hope :( 

Marrins is a really good boy sha. Before he goes back to Inter he should reach Naija  and do another PSA.

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